Taghazout surf village 

Taghazout is a capital of surf in  Morocco and a well known winter surfing direction for European,American and Australian surfers looking for winter sun, The water is at 16 to 18 degrees celsius for most of the year, You can reach six of Moroccos best surf spots. Moreover, there are many more spots around Taghazout that you can easily reach by bus or taxi, Offering good surf services as well as a friendly and laid-back atmosphere, Our surf house is the perfect place to meet other surfers and make new friends, Our team will help you with anything you require in order to achieve a perfect surfing adventure.

SURF lessons



* Beginners surfing :

Taghazout surf planet will make your dream of learning how to surf come true. Since we started out as beginning surfers just like yourself, we understand how difficult it can be trying to learn to surf. We provide a friendly and safe environment for mastering the core skills needed to become a competent surfer.

* What you can expect to learn ?

- Standing on a surf board and riding waves (surfing!)
- How to position yourself correctly on the board
- How to paddle
- The pop-up
- How to stand correctly – the surfers stance
- How to keep your speed when riding waves
- Turning
- Etiquette and safety
- How to read the beach for the best waves, rips and current


30€ per person and includes Surf board, Wetsuit and Transport per day


For the more experienced surfers who prefer to do their own thing or for those who don’t require lessons, we offer "surf guiding* to all the local surf spots in the area, plus a bunch of secret spots!

surf equipment

Rental Prices

Surfboard & wetsuit : 10€ Per day  

 If you don’t own your own surf board or would rather avoid the hassle of bringing your own board with you then we have got everything covered for you to surf in Morocco including: 
Wetsuits in a variety of different sizes including full suits and shorties
Beginners foam boards and soft-tops  in a variety of sizes
Intermediate hardboards (incl. mals & NSPs)
Shortboards in a variety of different sizes
Surfing accessories including wax, leashes and fins.