The surf spot located in the middle of Taghazout Village, It's on front off the our surf house. When we get big swells we even get the waves spray on us, While chilling on our terrace, So it's far 30 metres from our surf house.
Hash point Works best in offshore winds from the northeast, Tends to receive distant ground swells and the ideal swell direction is from the northwest. Best around low tide, It's sometimes crowded here, Watch out for rocks.


It's just 3 min walk away, You can see this break from our roof terrace, Panorama is working When it's more than 3 feet can be a fast wave in low tide, In high tide you have a Panorama beach It's a perfect spot for beginners,  And you can soak up some sun and surf the Moroccan waves in a friendly atmosphere.

Anchor point

The point is only a 15 minutes walk ( 3 minutes drive ) away from our surf house , You can see Anchors from our terrace, Is the most famous Moroccan surf spot due to its clean lines and consistency on all tides, It starts working at about 3 feet and holds up to 15feet, This surf break is a mix of sand and reef bottom with 3 different sections where you can go for cover ups and turns at the first two sections and the last one just gets quite hollow and fast. It can be a long wave of about 300m to 500m .


Is located in the north of Taghazout Village between ANCHOR POINT & KILLERER POINT, It's far from our Surf House 25 minutes walking ( 5 minutes drive ). 
Mysteries is a very good right hander point, Breaking in front of a big rock, Works from 3 feet to 6 feet. It can be a really fast wave with some tube, Good spot for intermediate to advanced surfers, Just be careful in the take off the rest is sandy bottom .


La Source

This spot is a 25minutes walk ( 5 minutes drive ) from Taghazout surf planet, It’s a left and right-hander wave breaking from 3 to 5 feet working only in high tide, Be careful very sharp rocks.

Killer Point

Is a 30min walk ( 8min  drive ) from our surf house, Killer Point get it’s name from the Killer whales that come enjoy the calm of this bay during the summer months, Is one of the most consistent breaks in the region of Taghazout. Sheltered from North winds, This powerful righthand point with awesome barrel sections, On good days this big wave surf spot holds surf up to 15 feet.


It's 30min drive from our surf house, It’s a reef break with the longest right hand in whole Morocco, It’s good in offshore and clean conditions. For a great surf session you should always be there early, In low tide there is no beach to go in and out, You have to jump from the rocks to go in and the only way out is to climb the rocks too.


It's 35min drive from our surf house, Is a right-hander with hollow barrels over sharp roof, It's Strong currents and sketchy jump off point, The spot is only suitable for really good surfers .

Tamri Beach

Is 40min drive from our surf house and is a 5km long beach with a lot of peaks, Working mainly in high tide, When every where it’s flat, Be sure you can find some waves there.


One of the longest right handers in Africa, Is located in the north of Taghazout village, It's a 1h 15min drive from our surf house, The bay is a mellow right-hand point break perfect for beginners and long-boarders, Working best in low tide.

Taghazout Bay

Is far from our surf house 10min walking passing of Panorama Beach, Is a perfect place for beginners and intermediates .


Is 8min driving from our surf house, Working in high tide, It's Long sandy beach break with left and right waves, The beach close to restaurant which offers fish, This place is very nice for all levels of surfers to enjoy the day.

Banana point

Is located near the village of Aourir, It's called also Banana village due to the many banana plantations that are grown in the river bed facing the spot, Is 10min drive from our surf house, Is a right hand spot working between 3 and 6 feet. Best in low tide with a nice mellow wave .